Este Black Friday va a ser el más especial de la historia de tu e-Commerce

Prepara tu Black Friday gratis con Vendfy™. Adiós a las campañas de "branding", hola performance.

Business Case: Campaign objective purchases

Vendfy™ in action: Results of a campaign objective conversion (purchases). Last summer we partnered with Step by

Tons of Traffic but no Sales?

Tons of traffic but no sales?Driving people to a website is easy. Getting quality visits & paying customers is not.

How to open countries using Influencers

Have you ever wondered if there is a quick and smart way for an e-commerce to test

Introducing: ROIS

#ROIS or Return on Influencer Spend is the ultimate #KPI to measure the performance of #InfluencerMarketing. Born as the

A New Dimension

After a whole year of testing, we are proud to introduce Vendfy™, the ultimate tool


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