#ROIS or Return on Influencer Spend is the ultimate #KPI to measure the performance of #InfluencerMarketing. Born as the successor to estimated data such as Earned Media Value (EMV), It gives the total amount of dollars earned for every single dollar spent. But, why now?

Influencer Marketing was born way before Instagram was created, and has been a part of our lives and way of consuming goods. When It first appeared, e-Commerce was not even an option for the regular costumer, so brands focused on branding to drive traffic to their retail stores. But those times are gone, and as e-Commerce steps up, the retailers have made 180 degrees turn and changed their minds. New shopping habits, new rules.

Traditional Marketing has lost weight and budget, which has been transferred to more measurable techniques, now called Performance Marketing. This new type of advertising is focused and driven by data and has made it possible for anyone to give it a try. Scaling up and internationalizing has never been so accessible and profitable.

Influencer Marketing was meant to change, as the companies turned digital and data driven. First some engagement KPIs popped up, but there was still something missing, something bigger and fraud-proof.

Dear #marketers, ROIS is here for you to enjoy.


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