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Discover a full stack of free resources that can help boost your business results.

From spreadsheets to amazing podcasts. Learn, analyze and run your business like a pro.


Useful free templates made for e-Commerce specialists. Let data help you with decision-making.

Free downloadable templates.

ROI Calculator

Forecast results of your Influencer Marketing efforts. Estimate the visits, purchases and ROI of any campaign with unlimited Influencers.

Help your team visualize and create better performing campaigns with this free simple excel spreadsheet.

Then compare them with real results using Vendfy™.

Top Influencers List

Discover the Influencers with better Engagement  Rates in Spain, Italy, UK, Portugal and USA.

More than 400 Instagram profiles that will help your e-Commerce increase sales, boost brand awareness and skyrocket revenue on any of these 5 markets.

A must for every e-Commerce planning to go global.

All-in-One Template

Financial projections, cash flow and financing schedule template for e-Commerce brands.

A must have for any business and perfect to plan your future income strategies.

Don’t let bad financial planning ruin your business.

LTV / CAC Ratio

Calculate your Customer Lifetime Value / Customer Acquisition Cost ratio in less than 30 minutes with this amazing free template.

Very useful spreadsheet if you are planning to get external financing.

Your CLV/CAC Ratio should always be above 3. 

Tools & Softwares

Discover the best tools in the market used by the leading e-Commerce brands.

Focus on valuable tasks on your business and automate the rest.


Learn from the best entrepreneurs and their stories.

Join the revolution

Join the revolution

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